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This article is about the mod for Battlefront II, you may be looking for the mod for the first Battlefront or other uses of the name "Battlefront III".

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Star Wars: Battlefront III Legacy is an map and era mod for Star Wars: Battlefront II  originally created by El_Fabricio/The_Legend, who has since retired from the project. It's current Developers are Shaymin/Lonely Dragon, River, and BK2 Modder. The goal of the project is to rebuild Free Radical's cancelled Battlefront III within the engine of Battlefront II using assets recovered from a pre-alpha build of the game.

Currently planned to have 26 maps, ranging from accurate remakes of the maps from Free Radical's cancelled game to completely new custom maps from across the three planned eras. All maps feature massive battles with huge AI counts and space to ground warfare.

The latest release includes 4 maps with 2 eras.

  • Coruscant

A map set around Padmé's skyscraper including many bridges, alleys and buildings including the nightclub from Star Wars Episode II.

  • Cato Neimodia

A map set on the homeworld of the Trade Federation, featuring a large hanging city underneath a giant stone arch. With the playable area consisting of a palace and the grounds around it.

  • Bespin

This map is set within the Administrator's Palace, with notable locations such as the Jail Cell Han and Chewie were kept in The Empire Strikes Back, the Carbon Freezing Chamber and some memorable hallways from the film. While it differs to the Free Radical map in layout slightly, it was purely for the benefit of gameplay and Star Wars Battlefront II.

  • Dantooine

The largest map so far, set in a open farmland enviroment, featuring the hangar from the Falon Grey vs. X1 fight cutscene shown in the trailers for the cancelled game, a large village and the Jedi Sanctum from Knights of the Old Republic.

  • Death Star II

Other maps which have been shown are:

  • Tatooine

A semi-accurate recreation of the BF3 map made by iamastupid was shown off thoughout 2017 and 2018 in association with the mod, however it seems this map has been dropped in favor of a larger map; assets for the new map have been shown off recently by Luke Landwalker. You can download iamastupid's map here.

  • Yavin IV

This map has also been shown to be in development by iamastupid , while no news on it has surfaced in a while, it appears this map will be put into the mod.

Endor Some screenshots of the Work in Progress assets have been posted in the past by Luke Landwalker.

  • Desolation Station

Livestreams and Screenshots have been shared by iamastupid showing the slow development of the map.

More maps have been announced on the mod's Discord server.

A Playstation 2 and Xbox version of the mod has been announced to be in development by iamastupid as seen here.