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"In Base Command, you defend your Base from invading forces."
— In-game description

The Star Wars Battlefront Companion is a companion app for DICE's Star Wars Battlefront designed for mobile devices that allows players to stay connected to Star Wars Battlefront while-on-the go as well as play Base Command. Besides being available for download on Google Play and the App Store, it can also be accessed online.[1]


Star Wars Battlefront Companion serves as a way to access Star Wars Battlefront while away from the game. It allows players to view their Battlefront statistics, including Rank, Star Cards, and Credits, as well as shows which of their Playstation Network, Xbox Live, or Origin friends are online. It also allows players to view the latest news published on the official Star Wars Battlefront website, and, perhaps most importantly, features a full-fledged turn-based card game called Base Command.

Base Command[]

The App features a card game called Base Command. The game allows players to earn extra credits, which can be imported into Star Wars Battlefront. The game is like a chess game, where the player has to defend the rebel base from Imperial forces. The player uses cards, such as some of which can be found in the actual game. Airspeeders, X-wings, regular infantry, and even heroes and their ships are used as units to defend the base.

Other Features[]

The app allows players to view both their own and their friends statistics in detail. As well as displaying the K/D ratio, total kills, deaths, wins and losses, it also shows kills by weapons, vehicles, heroes, star cards, and powerups. Players can customize their in-game appearance, buy new skins, star cards, charges, and emotes.