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Please submit strategies by either faction or map. These strategies are for winning in maps, for advice specifically focused on the attributes of Galactic Conquest, please visit the bottom of the page under the heading "Galactic Conquest." Simply click the faction or map your strategy goes under (please add it if it is not here). Note that only the strategies that work on all maps under a faction goes in the faction strategy page; as strategies that can only be deployed under a single map go to the corresponding map, i.e. Snowspeeder strategy go on Hoth's strategy page and not Rebel's. The Special Strategies page is for strategies that works in all of the maps with an exception of few and some of it's faction. Then edit the page and add your strategy's name to the list (your strategy name need to be in Heading 2 format). Do not create a new page for a new strategy.



Galactic Conquest[]