The Community Guidelines of the Star Wars Battlefront Wiki outline the conduct that is expected from all users, regardless of status or position.

These rules aim to create a respectful environment that fosters discussion of all things Battlefront. This is not an exhaustive list and is thus subject to change as the wiki evolves.

Anyone who disagrees with a policy is welcome to suggest changes at that policy's talk page.


  • All editors are equal - All editors, regardless of status and position, are treated equally and have the same amount of say in their opinion.
  • Assume good faith - Unless it is obvious vandalism, always assume that a user's contributions to the wiki are to improve it.
  • Blocking guidelines - Destructive editors and vandals will be barred from editing the wiki in increasing periods of time depending on the magnitude of vandalism and if they were blocked previously.
  • Don't delete discussions - Do not remove discussion from a talk page unless it is blatant vandalism. This policy applies to user talk pages as well.
  • Don't game the system - Attempts to work around policies in order to disrespect others or to justify otherwise inappropriate actions is not tolerated.
  • Sock puppetry - One editor, one account.
  • User treatment policy - Be considerate and not disruptive.
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