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"We need to rescue our astromech and get it off this Death Star."
— Female Rebel announcer

Battle Station is a multi-stage, 24 player game mode in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront that is available in the Death Star expansion pack. If run through its full gamut, Battle Station occurs on three separate maps. It starts in space, transitions into the interior of the Death Star, and ends on the Death Star surface.

Battle Station was added in the Death Star Update.


The premise of Battle Station is a simultaneous assault and rescue by the Rebel Alliance on the Death Star. The Rebels are trying to destroy the Death Star, but first they have to rescue R2-D2, who is inside it. Battle Station's three stages are set around this fictional scenario.

The first and third stage are set in space and always have the same map, while the second stage is set on the "ground" and can be on one of the three Death Star interior maps.


Stage 1: The DistractionEdit

The first stage involves taking down an Imperial Star Destroyer in an asteroid field. The Rebels must destroy enough Imperial fighters to allow them to call in a Y-Wing strike, dropping the Star Destroyer's shields and allowing the Rebels to attack the weak points. The Empire must defend the Star Destroyer at all costs.

Stage 2: The RescueEdit

In the second stage, the Rebels have to extract R2-D2 from the Death Star. The first Rebel player to interact with R2 will be able to play as him and must use his unique abilities as well as the aid of the other Rebels to escape. The Empire must guard R2 and prevent the Rebels from getting him to the extraction point. During this stage, 3 hero pickups will appear, which can be used by both the Rebels and The Empire to protect or stop R2.

Stage 3: The Trench RunEdit

The third stage is the trench run on the Death Star. Three Rebel players are randomly chosen to perform the trench run and must fly through a series of checkpoints in order to reach the exhaust port and destroy the Death Star while the other Rebels must defend the trench runners from Imperial fighters. The Empire must prevent the trench runners from reaching the checkpoints. If the trench runners are all killed, another three Rebels are randomly chosen to replace them. If the Rebels manage to blow up the Death Star, it will show the torpedoes entering the exhaust port, and the battle station exploding.

Playable modesEdit

Battle Station can be played on the following maps:


  • This is the first game mode to be set in space.


Death Star Update

  • Added.


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