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Starfighter Assault is a 24 player, with an additional 40 AI bots, linear game mode in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II that centers around dogfighting in space and high atmosphere. Each map has unique objectives tailored to its design and respective era, similar to Galactic Assault.

Each playable faction has three starfighter classes available to them: Fighter, Bomber, and Interceptor. Additionally, players can spawn in as hero ships to turn the tide of battle. This mode can be played in all three Star Wars eras across six maps.


Starfighter Assault is essentially a space/atmospheric battles version of Galactic Assault. One team of 12 players are attacking objectives, which are being defended by another team of 12 players. Both teams are reinforced with additional twenty AI bots. Battle Points are earned by shooting down enemy ships and playing the objective, and can be used to spawn in as hero ships.

Objectives in Starfighter Assault always involve the attackers shooting and bombing the objective in order to damage it, and once the health of an objective is completely drained, it is destroyed. The defending team must protect these objectives from being destroyed while the attacking team has a certain number of tickets, which is based on elimination of attackers, before they must retreat and thus lose the match. Sometimes, the attackers will have to target stationary objectives while at other times they will have to target cruisers or transport shuttles.

Starfighter Assault also involves some side objectives for defenders; the attacking team can be reinforced by AI bombers and cruisers that automatically target objectives, which the defending team can shoot down.

At times AI Starfighters can be marked as Attack objectives. These are usually Bombers but can sometimes be other classes.


Map rotation[]

The following is a list of the current order of maps as they are played in Starfighter Assault. Note that every map is played twice: once as defenders, once as attackers (or vice versa).

Clone Wars[]

Kamino: Research Outpost[]


Starfighter Assault on Kamino takes place around a Research Outpost. On the first stage, the Separatists must destroy the two bridges of a Venator-class Star Destroyer. Next, they must destroy three Republic Light Cruisers. For the final stage, they must attack another Venator's beam weapon to overload the ship's shields, and then they have 45 seconds to destroy the ship's engines until the shields come back online. This repeats until either the engines are destroyed or the Separatists run out of reinforcements.

Ryloth: Lucrehulk Battleship[]


Starfighter Assault on Ryloth takes place around a Separatist Lucrehulk Battleship. In the first stage, The Republic must destroy the battleship's tractor beam generators in order to free a captured Arquitens-class Light Cruiser. On the second stage, the Republic must destroy the Lucrehulk's comm array's power generators to stop the Separatist from calling in more reinforcements. The final stage requires the Republic to first attack the control towers in order to open up the blast doors to attack the core. The Republic only has 30 seconds to attack the core. After that, the Republic must attack the control tower again until they destroy the core or lose all their reinforcements.

Galactic Civil War[]

Endor: Death Star Debris[]

Battlefront II 03

Starfighter Assault on Endor takes place around Death Star Debris. The first phase is either to destroy or escort the corvettes moving through the debris field. However, if the Rebels are successful, they can deplete all of the Empire's tickets and win the battle. If the corvettes are destroyed, then the Imperials will target the anti-starship mines stuck between larger chunks of rubble. If this round ends with Imperial victory, then the MC80 is vulnurable. The ship's various pods will be targeted. Once enough pods are destroyed, then the ship's rear engines will be exposed. After the first breach, the lower pods will be targeted, and the game will repeat until the Empire destroys them all and the engines. However, if the Rebels are successful, they can deplete all of the Empire's tickets and win the battle. 

Fondor: Imperial Shipyard[]


Starfighter Assault on Fondor takes place around an Imperial Shipyard. On this map, Rebel Alliance starfighters must complete three stages to eventually destroy an Imperial Star Destroyer. The first phase begins with the Rebels having to destroy two Imperial cruisers, each hovering above the shipyard. After that, the Rebels attack the shield generators, which are located within a long metal structure next to the Star Destroyer. If all generators are destroyed and the shields disabled, the Imperials need to defend the clamps attached to the Destroyer. If the clamps are all disabled, they will retract and the reactor is exposed for 45 seconds. Once the time runs out, the clamps will attach themselves to the hull of the ship. The game repeats until the Rebels run out of reinforcements or the reactor is destroyed. 

First Order–Resistance War[]

D'Qar: Resistance Base Evacuation[]

D'Qar Space

Starfighter Assault over D'Qar takes place during the Resistance Base Evacuation seen in The Last Jedi. In the first phase the First Order must destroy three field generators by attacking the weak spot on them. Then the second phase will start where the First Order will be trying to destabilize another three field generator cores that have activated. They must destabilize them by going through one of two holes in the debris, and destroy three cores in it. During the third phase, the First Order must destroy three Bunker Busters, but first they must destroy its two engines before attacking the main part of the ship. In the fourth and final phase, the Resistance must survive for two minutes and forty seconds (2:40) will the debris around the battle will slowly be destroyed. If forty (40) Resistence fighters are destroyed, they lose.

Unknown Regions: Resurgent Star Destroyer[]


Starfighter Assault in the Unknown Regions takes place around a Resurgent Star Destroyer. The first phase starts with the objective being defend/attack the laser power generators. A Bunker Buster and X-wing flights will provide support. After the first phase, First Order troop transports will leave the hangars in multiple waves. The Resistance must destroy as many as they can. If too many escape, then it will presumably end the game. The final phase objective is to destroy front deflectors in order to expose the command bridge. The bridge will be open for 45 seconds. If the front deflectors are all gone, then the rear deflectors will be exposed and the attack resumes as usual. The game repeats until the Resistance tickets are down to zero or the bridge's health completely depleted. 


  • While normal AI starfighters have names similar to bots in ground modes, AI bombers are named "Dice Shooter".


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