Precinct 47 is a large ground map set on Starkiller Base in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. It can be played in Galactic Assault, Heroes vs. Villains, and Hero Showdown.


In Galactic Assault, the map is divided into sections, each section only accessible in certain phases, which itself is dictated by which team, Resistance or First Order, wins a phase. In Heroes vs. Villains and Hero Showdown, only the exterior area of the map can be played.

The other map set on Starkiller Base is Command Center, playable in Blast and Strike, which is actually a portion of the interior of Precinct 47.


The following is a list of modes that Precinct 47 can be played in:


Vehicles for Starkiller base are available for phase 1 and 2, with them being listed here:

First OrderEdit



1.2 Patch

  • Improved collision for structures on Starkiller Base
  • Improved spawn zones for Blast on Starkiller Base

1.1 Patch


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