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Stealth is a pistol unique to the Bothan Spy of the Rebel Alliance. It does no damage, but renders the user almost totally invisible (except for the outline) to enemies, but the effect dissipates if the user uses any other weapon or buff, or is hit by a shot. Be aware that Stealth uses up your energy bar and if this is depleted you will be seen by your enemy. It has infinite ammo.



  • Stealth is technically a pistol, but has no skin, as seen in the first-person perspective, where only a hand holding nothing is shown, but when the user activates Stealth the hand recoils as though it had just fired a pistol. In third-person point-of-view it is possible to see the Bothan Spy using a speedup pistol reloading animation after using Stealth, hinting that Stealth has one shot per clip.
  • An explanation for this is that the developers couldn't make Stealth an ability, as it would make other units invisible as well, and couldn't make the radius of effect small enough to encompass only the user, so they had to make it a pistol.
  • Stealth can only last temporarily once energy is fully depleted. Of course, if energy boost enhancements are obtained from either achievements or perks then the stealth can last indefinitely most of the time.