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The following article/section contains information about mods or modded content, and is not considered to be canon.
Stormtrooper Commander
Imperial Marine
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Galactic Empire

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The Stormtrooper Commander is an Imperial unit that is often seen in mods. It usually has the same exact skin as the Shock Trooper and Imperial Marine. They are often equipped with a heavy rifle and a commando pistol.


The Stormtrooper Commander is a Galactic Republic counterpart to the Clone Commander, however, they are supposed to lead troops into battle. They are usually found with a pack on their backs as they (in canonized history) establish communications with an Imperial Garrison, or outpost when they are in enemy territory. However, they are not at risk of being found due to the feed is secured and cannot be traced. If it was traced it would show some other organization anything but the Empire.


  • In mods, the Stormtrooper Commander is often used instead of an Imperial Officer.
  • The Stormtrooper Commander has the same exact skin as an Imperial Marine.
  • The Stormtrooper Commander has been known to lead groups of Stormtroopers and Imperial Navy Commandos into battle.
  • Davin Felth who was present in Docking Bay 93 shot Mod terrik, his commander, at the same time as Han Solo during Episode IV in Mos Eisley while they were trying to escape only for 2 days later are onboard the Death Star.

A stormtrooper commander firing the RT97C blaster rifle.