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Bespin Platforms Map

Ever wonder why your always losing so many men on that corridor that leads to the central command point and enemy territory? Let's face it that place is a death trap and there's a few ways to solve this problem, these strategies work better with other human allies but commands can be used to fix that.

1. The Sneak Attack is done by having a large group of troops fight in the corridor and a small group of jetpack troopers get on top of the corridor. The jet troopers then jump off the side of the corridor and use their jet packs to hover just outside one of the windows and then unload fire on your unsuspecting enemies. Attacking from both sides works better but requires another human ally.

2. Another way to stay alive is to run to the ramp that leads to the corridor and then lie down on the flat part just before the ramp, from here you can empty your weapon on advancing enemy troops with little fear of retaliation. If you lie down on the ramp this does not work and you will die very quickly. From your position you can command your troops and mow down enemies.

3. The third way is to get a gunship and fire through the windows and knockout enemy lines. Then your troops must charge forward and take the central command point and repeat the tactic to get into enemy territory with minimal losses.

4. Another very effective tactics is using grenades and/or explosive weapons( ex: heavy, special). This works because of how closed off the corridor is, and even if you don't kill your enemy on the first shot, there's a chance you will send them flying through the window.

5. Snipers are a great way to take out enemies from anywhere in this map. I highly recommend sniping to reduce losses.

Hopefully these tips will help you win on this map. These work for me and I hope they work for you.