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In Galactic Conquest there are bonuses that may be bought for credits. You earn credits in Galactic Conquest by playing battles. Some of the bonuses in Galactic Conquest are...

  • Energy Boost- Causes your unit's energy gauge to replenish faster after being depleted.
  • Supplies- Increases the amount of ammo and other supplies your units can carry. Very helpful in space battles as you get ammo for your ships too and for speeding up the process of blowing up systems from inside the ships.
  • Garrison- Adds extra troops to your reinforcement bank if it drops too low. Generally a good deal for the credits spent.
  • Auto-turrets- Automatically reinforces your command post with defense grid turrets. Effectiveness depends on the exact location of the CPs, usually not a great deal.
  • Bacta Tanks- Causes the health of all your units to automatically regenerate at a constant rate. Notably beneficial to the player, who won't have to find a bot to heal up.
  • Combat Shielding- Gives your units extra health upon entering the battlefield. Similar to the garrison bonus, On maps with little to no vehicles, you can get the most out of this.
  • Sabotage- Causes all enemy vehicles to suffer damage upon spawning. May be used in space battles.
  • Enhanced Blasters- Amplifies all blaster-type weapons for your team. Use on infantry heavy maps and bring a blaster.
  • Leader- Activates your factions playable hero for planetary battle. Expensive but potentially guaranteeing a victory if used correctly.