In Galactic Conquest there are bonuses that may be bought for credits. You earn credits in Galactic Conquest by playing battles. Some of the bonuses in Galatic Conquest are...

  • Energy Boast- Causes your unit's energy gauge to replenish faster after being depleted.
  • Supplies- Increases the amount of ammo and other supplies your units can carry. Very helpful in space battles as you get ammo for your ships too.
  • Garrison- Adds extra troops to your reinforcement bank if it drops to low.
  • Autoturrets- Automatically reinforces your command post with defense grid turrets.
  • Bacta Tanks- Causes the health of all your units to automatically regenerate at a constant rate.
  • Combat Shielding- Gives your units a extra reserve of health upon entering the battlefield.
  • Sabotage- Causes all enemy vehicles to suffer damage upon spawning
  • Enhanced Blasters- Amplifies all blaster-type weapons for your team
  • Leader- Activates your factions playable hero for planetary battle.
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