Star Wars Battlefront Wiki

The CIS have a unique set of units, compared to other factions, Those can be good at some times.Here are some prefered ways to use the units.

  1. The Super Battle Droid have a Tri-Shot which is actually better at a farther range than a very close range, if you want to charge into a mob, then first kill 1 or 2 people with a tri-shot and then switch to the Wrist Blaster for the rest. The Super Battle droid also has a wrist rocket, although it is far less powerful than a real rocket. You could fire this at small groups or Jedi to kill them quickly.
  2. The Assault Battle Droid is probably the best B-1 unit. It has a rocket launcher that works for any level, uses could be destoying Republic Tanks or mobs of enimes. Mines work very well for choke-points and gaurding small bases like CP 5 on Felucia. It's Pistol works very well up close. It is basicly an all map player.Only 1 problem: The Pistol is the only unlimited ammo weapon.
  3. The MagnaGuard has a Bulldog RLR and it can really be good if you use it properly and aim it really good, for bad aimers he also has a Radiation Launcher which is good against mobs even if they are far away. The Magnagaurd also has a Neuro Toxin buff that should be used only against alot of enemies, or if you are surrounded.
  4. The Droideka can be used to gain ground for your team and let you capture command posts without fear, they are also the most annoying when you face them. Their primary power is the shield generator and although powerful, it drains over time, so don't leave it on when there are no enemies nearby (not including when you are near a command post or in a sniper filled area). In Star Wars Battlefront I your Repeating Blasters could destroy Laser Turrets. Most of the time it is not a good idea to shoot at them, but if the turret is killing alot of your troops then attack by shooting, hide behind something, and then come back to shoot.