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Yoda underwater[]

During Galactic Conquest or Conquest, choose the Republic or Rebel Alliance, then buy the "leader" bonus and play on Dagobah: Swamp (in Battlefront II), then take Yoda at every chance you get. Once you've done that, go to the swamp area, where units are really hard to hit from the cover that the water gives them. Because Yoda is so short, he can't be hit by energy bolts when in the water, so you can just hack 'n' slash without care. One thing: the water doesn't protect against grenades, so if you hear that "tink tink" noise, get out!

501st Legion assault[]

501st legion assault: Capture CP two. Droids normally will be trying to take control of CP three (LA-AT.) Place mines around your already controlled CPs (preferably at the entrances of the cave, you'll need to be a Clone Heavy Trooper to do this) Head straight to point six. Capture it, then capture point five. Troops on both sides constantly walk straight into a blood bath by going to point three. The droids, if not already defeated, will be low on reinforcements, but so will you. Focus on killing droids at that CP. Sniper range is limited on Dagobah. If the droids start to capture one of your CPs, don't allow them to. This isn't likely to happen if you put the mines in high-traffic areas.