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The Ewoks are very powerful in this game. In the hunt mode, you get to play as Ewoks. (It's not recommended to play as the Empire) If you can gather a few and hide, when an Imperial comes, he will be outrageously outnumbered, since just one Ewok is stronger than a whole group of Scout Troopers.

(Note: This strategy only works in Battlefront I)

Spawn as a Rebel Vanguard or Wookiee Smuggler at a Command Post with Speeder Bikes, then stealth yourself to the Shield Bunker. When you're there, enter the bunker and kill any enemies with your blaster pistol or bowcaster and fire at the bunker using your rocket launcher, thermal detonators, or time bombs. After you're out of ammo leave the bunker and find a ammo droid (there will probably be enemy turrets). After gaining more ammo, continue the attack until you destroy the bunker. If the shield bunker is not destroyed by then, repeat the process.

501st Legion assault: It's tough to win as the Empire. Any vehicle will suffice for this map, yet units (Including Vader) are slaughtered almost instantly by the powerful Ewoks. Get in a speederbike and capture the Rebel Outpost (point 6.) Then ride back to point 2 and get in an AT-ST. The Rebels by now have captured the camp (guaranteed because the Ewoks). Use your AT-ST to bombard the position, then capture it. Focus your firepower on Ewoks and anything attacking you. If you lose any CP, RECAPTURE IT!! It is vital!!