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These list some of the strategies available on the Jabba's Palace map.

Escape the Rancor[]

To escape the rancor, either wait until someone is grabbed by the Rancor or go around the Rancor at a far angle.

Fatty Suprise[]

If you are a rebel at Jabba's Palace, it is likely that the CP in the throne room will be Imperial. If you hide behind Jabba, you can still attack the Imperials just as they spawn in front of Jabba. If you sneak out after a spree of killing and there are a few enemies left you can run out and take control of the the command post.

Gammorean Kill[]

Gammorean Guards are weak to a very useful weapon: shotgun. One or two headshots kill them off easily. That mean no more wasting lives, mines, and explosives.

Helpful Hint[]

Gammorean Guards are tough enemies who can kill their enemies with only one hit most of the time. It is best to avoid being cornered by them.