Star Wars Battlefront Wiki
  • In Mos Eisley, (Battlefront II) always choose the rocket launcher equipped classes (Assault Droid, Clone Heavy Trooper, Rebel Vanguard, or the Shock Trooper). Then run along the walls of the buildings. It's probably a good idea to get some AI to come along with you (for protection). Now, alternate between picking off enemies with your pistol, which will raise your rank for "Gunslinger", and providing heavy supporting fire for friendly assaults by following groups of friendlies and blowing up turrets. If you don't destroy these turrets, they will rapidly decrease your troop levels. You can also use the Engineer unit to destroy these turrets. It would be preferable to have the Engineer be equipped with the Award Shotgun so that enemies will be killed fairly quickly. The Detpacks will make short work of the turrets, as well.
  • Play as the rebels, choose a sniper and spawn at the command post with the ship. Use the ramp to climb up on top of command post and get situated. You can see almost every turret on the map and get a good number of kills. This will also work if you play as the Empire. Bring back-up with you and go the back way into the command post with the ship.
  • The easiest way of capturing command post 2 is either by spawning as a Jet Trooper / Dark Trooper for the Galactic Republic / Galactic Empire , as Heroes and Villains (as it is easier due to the flight/sprint ability) or as another unit. With the jetpack equipped/hero/villain unit jet/jump into the street with the blocked end and then jet/jump onto the building on the right of you (when you face the blocked end). If you stand near the edge facing the command post, you will be inside the radius without being in much danger. If you are playing as another unit go to command post 3 and stand on the roof from there you can sprint jump onto the buildings nearby. With some practice or luck you can reach the same rooftop as described earlier.