Star Wars Battlefront Wiki

You as the Clone Troopers will be up against some pretty wicked enemies, so learn to master the types of units.

Clone Trooper[]

These guys are almost good in any situation, but they aren't the best. Their thermal detonator is great for taking out slow moving Droidekas. Their blaster rifle is good for confined spaces, and you will find that this unit is very capable of defeating a Magna Guard.

Clone Heavy Trooper[]

Use these demolishers on levels that contain many vehicles and turrets. Examples include - Mygeeto: War-Torn City, Yavin IV, Naboo: Plains, and Kashyyyk.

Clone Sharpshooter[]

Trained to pick off droids from a distance, these guys may be hard to master, but it will be well rewarded on levels such as: Hoth, Kamino, Mos Eisley, and Geonosis.

Clone Engineer[]

Use these troops wisely. The shotgun can delivery a pretty powerful punch if well aimed, and the fusion cutter becomes invaluable in most battles. Also use the health and ammo packs wisely. Engineers are best used on maps with many turrets and close-quarters areas.

Jet Trooper[]

Jet trooper is a good unit for traversing cross an open field or getting into high grounds. But before your get pack ran out of fuel, land to conserve just enough for an emergency take off. When enemy get too close for comfort, switch to blaster pistol and grenades. If the enemy is in a good distance, your EMP launcher will come in handy.