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Strategies For Rhen Var: Harbor[]

Imperial Forces[]

  • Get on board an All Terrain Attack Transport. You're probably better than an NPC Pilot.
  • Take the Light House command post. It gives you quicker access to sniping positions and turrets.
  • Hijack a Rebel Combat Speeder. Use it to destroy their ground infantry.
  • Conserve ammo. If you've snuck up behind a Rebel, don't blow him to bits with your missile launcher. Get up really close and pump him with your pistol. He won't know what hit him.
  • Be careful. When sniping or in attack vehicles, kindly refrain from killing your own men.
  • If you notice you're dying a lot, round up squadron of units and have them follow you around as protection.
  • When sniping, don't forget to zoom in.

Rebel Alliance[]

  • The most useful class on this map is Rebel Vanguard. The missile launcher is key in taking down AT-ATs.
  • Take the Light House command post. It gives you a good place for shooting down enemies including tanks and infantry.
  • Watch out for stormtroopers sneaking behind you through the ice caves. They can cause immense damage to your infantry and landspeeders.

Clones (Battlefront I)[]

Spawn Quickly as a jet trooper at the AT-TE and run up the side of the ice mountain until the lighthouse is in full view. Jetpack over the wall of the lighthouse and take the base, eliminating any Droids nearby. Destroy the astromech Droids near your base and across the harbor to keep AATs from healing. Stay there and focus your fire on the nearby entrance to the ice caves. That's where many of them will gather. Don't forget to watch for Droids flanking your base too. If you're not careful, Droids will take the ice caves and you'll have to give up the lighthouse to save them. If everything goes as planned, you will surely win.