You can do these on any space map.

If you are on the Republic and the CIS have a transport out, then you can easily bomb the top of the gunship with a V-Wing. Not only is it helpful, but it's also funny. To destroy frigates and critical points of the capital-ships use a bomber-class ship like the V-Wing, TIE-Bomber, CIS Strike Bomber, and the Y-Wing, and to destroy enemy starfighters use interceptor-class-starfighter. The trick is to target an enemy starfighter and blast him from behind and/or fire missiles at it. An good way to destroy critical points of Capital-Ships is to select the marine class, take a Shuttle, load some troops and go to the enemy's Hangar, them just throw you granades and missiles in the critical systems. Also be sure to kill some pilots, especially the ones who are managing the turrets (they are seated and operating the machine, near the hangar, beware those turrets, destroy the turrets and it's core using missiles and explosives, when you're out of ammo go to the hangar and stay by the ammunition droid and medical droid, to avoid dyng during the mission).

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