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  • It doesn't matter what faction you are on the Tantive IV, but an engineer or a heavy class works the best. By the electric turbines, there is a small console with glowing screens on it. Normally, if you walk between the turbine, the electricity will instantly kill you. Now, if you destroy the screen, the turbines will deactivate and you can go through them as the energy field is now gone. If you use a fusion cutter to fix the screen, you an reactivate the energy field and fry any unlucky units that happen to be between the tubines.
  • Be the CIS and spawn at the turbine CP as an assault droid. Run down to the doorway and go through it. Go to the right. There will be lots of clones down the hallway and it is a killing zone for both sides. Throw your grenades over the crates that the enemy use as cover and clean out the others with your missile launcher. Once you have ferreted out the last resistance in the hallway, roll to the doors on either side and drop a mine. Remember that once you have dropped the mine, if you are to close you are also going to die. In two player, it helps if there is an engineer to give you ammo and health. Happy blasting!
  • In the small hallways of Tantive IV, there are many different weapons you can use to win the battle.*
  • Grenades will slaughter groups of enemies, but sometimes kill your own troops.
  • Turrets can slow down the enemy, but not always stop them.
  • Chainguns can give the you an advantage on your enemy.

Forget fighting[]

As any side, instead of attacking the enemy in the hall where usually a huge fight is breaking out, go to capture the 2 netural command posts. This way, you got 3 command post as opposed to 1, making it much easier to capture the enemy's CP, espally if your playing as the Empire or CIS.


Instead of going in the door to the right as the Rebels or Republic or the door to left as the Empire or CIS, head towards CP 3, capture it and then toward the enemy's command post. This way, the only CP the enemy should have CP 2. But this will only work if your team is completely made up of human and if you don't have anyone protecting your starting command post, the enemy might capture that as well, meaning this strategy did next to nothing, making this a strategy you won't see often. But it could throw your opponent off guard.


Tantive IV. Blue= Rebel Alliance and Republic. Red= Empire and CIS.