Star Wars Battlefront Wiki

501st legion assault mode: Start as a stormtrooper. Go to the opposite hangar bay and capture it. Then go back to your hangar bay and head to your prison command post. If no Rebels are there, go to the next command post of yours (occasionally the Rebels will already be capturing it. If so play as a sniper and snipe them) If there are Rebels in the prison, kill them. When the Rebels are low on reinforcements, play as anything but a rocketeer or sniper and capture or head to the CP. When there are no rebels around you can change back into a sniper, but only if all rebels in the area are dead.

For obvious reasons, it is very ill-advised to lead a squad of troopers into the garbage compactor, and as such, said area should be avoided at all cost, although allied AI will still dive into it should a grenade land near them, making taking the hallway the area is in a hard fight. As such, should one be cornered, it would be best to engage the enemy, rather than make an escape through the compactor, as one may land in as it is closing, and be rewarded with a gruesome death. 


When playing as Rebels, spawn at base 4 and head over the walkways to base 3. Make sure not to fall off. Clear out any imperials that you see, then quickly hide behind the pillar to protect yourself from enemies emerging from the hallway. Take the base, then lob a few grenades into the hallway to get some kills. Make sure you get plenty of kills during this part, because that's what wins the battle. By this point, you should get Luke if you're playing heroes and cut your way through the many imperials crowding the hallway. Make sure to take advantage of the light saber throw ability. If you're not playing heroes, you'll have a tough slog. The precision pistol is recommended. Take a squad of men down the hallway and then start throwing grenades into the prison base. Don't go all the way into the base, because stormtroopers are guaranteed to spawn behind you. Once you take base 2, defend it with all of your might. When you get Luke again, charge around the pit and use dash attacks and light saber throw. Now just focus on keeping your bases, for the battle is yours.