Star Wars Battlefront Wiki

Star Wars: Battlefront[]

  • There are two good sniping spots at the Temple.

1. Play as the Empire and choose a sniper. Get on a speeder bike and head over to the Temple Command Post. You can ride the speeder bike up the side of the temple and snipe the rebels as they leave the command post.

2. Play as either side and choose a sniper. Head to where you can enter the long bridge that goes across the battlefield. Get on the bridge and find a good sniping spot. You can reach the other teams fairly easily from there.

  • Friendly fire must be off for this strategy to work. If you are the Rebels, start at the Temple as a Rebel Soldier. Take a speeder bike across the viaduct and go off the edge. You will be located on the river, right below the Outlook. Go up the hill to the Outlook. There will be loads of Imperials, so cut them down with your blaster rifle. The command post will take a long time to take, though, so be patient and cut down any Imperials that show up. Once you have taken the command post, you can attack both sides of the Imperials, as well as cut off their AT-ST supply.

Star Wars: Battlefront II[]

  • Spawn at command post 5 then jump on to the viaduct and jump off the end. Then there is a path on your left leading up towards command post 1 from there you can take the command post without fighting to many enemies.
  • Spawn as any unit. Then get on to a speeder and quickly drive up to the river in front of command post 1, from here choose to either drive over the bridge or preferably up the hill next to the waterfall. From the top jump off of your speeder and take the command post.
  • You may deploy as any trooper you like, but please don't use a Bothan Spy or Jet Trooper. Once you reach command post three, hide by the wall that is nearest the turret. If you do this step just right you should be able to secure command post three without getting hurt by the enmey auto defense grid turret. Note this strategy should only be used when the enemy has auto turrets bonus activated.
  • On Yavin 4 Temple, when the game starts, select the Republic and kill a lot of droids to unlock the Jet Trooper. Then respawn as the Jet Trooper and kill six droids woth your Commando Pistol to unlock the Precision Pistol. Fly up to a turret (Make sure to kill anybody in it) and land on it. Use your pistol to snipe any droids nearby. (Fly to the Turret of your choice)