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This is a strategy for the Battle Scenario "Hope" in Star Wars Battlefront II. You can use it on any tier but it's intended for the third one, when you're health is down to one-shot.


For this strategy, you must play as an Officer. You'll want to equip the following gear:

Next, you'll want to go to the briefing room, the one with the projector on it, in the farthest left section of the temple and position yourself behind the right pillar. You'll want to place your turret in between the two pillars.

Now, with everything in place, turn the camera to face from your left shoulder, and just hide behind the pillar and pick off any Stormtrooper who comes within view. Your SE-44C's modifications and your blaster turret will be capable of mowing everyone down. The pillar will protect you, eliminating any worry about your one-shot health. The flash grenade can be used to disorient and sometimes even kill troopers, and Recharge Command can be used to take your grenades out of recharge (and your turret, if it is somehow destroyed which is unlikely to occur). You can utilize the cooldown minigame to gain unlimited blaster fire for a short period by pressing the glowing gold bar at the right time.

Before long, you will have beaten a Battle Scenario's third tier which would have been quite difficult to beat otherwise.