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Sulfur Fields is a multiplayer Sullust map featured in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront.


Sulfur Fields is a very open map with a small amount of cover. Scattered across the map you can find TIE fighter and X-Wing wreckage, which can be used as cover.

The map has large outcroppings of black rock, as well as large areas of sulfur. There is also a Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle in the center map, surrounded by cargo containers and barrels. It is possible to reach the top of the ship using a Jump Pack.

Due to the map being very open, it is recommended that players don't play as a lightsaber user in Heroes vs. Villains or Hero Hunt. Recommended blasters are heavy blasters, blaster rifles, and targeting rifles.

Also be advised that it is not uncommon to find Disruption users on this map.

On the shores of the map you can find turquoise water that has Sulfur Trilobites swimming in it. Other species located on the map are Ash angels, Drutash grubs and Sulfur Crabs.

Throughout the map, there are small puddles of bubbly ooze which will hurt the player the longer they stay there. Some of these puddles have lanterns in them with a blueish hue in the light that can be destroyed.

Behind the scenes[]

Sulfur Fields was one of the two maps to be included in the Star Wars Battlefront Beta. It was playable on Drop Zone for small game modes, the other map was Walker Assault on Outpost Beta for large game modes.