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The Sullustan is one of eight alien head Appearances in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront. It changes the player's head to that of a Sullustan. This customization option can be purchased for the Rebel Alliance at Rank 40 for 17,000 Credits.


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The Sullustan head Appearance can be used with the following body Appearances:

Icon Body Unlock Rank Cost Faction
Rebel Soldier Body Icon Rebel Soldier None None Rebel Alliance
Bespin Wing Guard Body Icon Bespin Wing Guard Rank 65 20,000 Credits Rebel Alliance
X-Wing Pilot Body Icon X-Wing Pilot Rank 75 25,000 Credits Rebel Alliance
Rebel Officer Body Icon Rebel Officer Rank 85 30,000 Credits Rebel Alliance



Death Star Update

  • Appearances have now been divided into two options: head and body. The Sullustan appearance is no longer limited to the Rebel Soldier body appearance; it now be used with other body Appearances, such as the Bespin Wing Guard.