Supremacy is a 40-player linear game mode in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront that pits the Rebel Alliance against the Galactic Empire as they fight for possession of five control points. Players can spawn as heroes and vehicles in this mode.

This mode launched with four maps. The February 2016 Update added Twilight on Hoth and Survivors of Endor, but the latter map was not released right away and instead made available in March 2016.

Overview Edit

In Supremacy, the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire vie for majority control of five control points before time runs out. At any given time, however, there are only two control points available for capture: a control point to defend, and a control point to attack. Capturing a control point causes the team that owned that control point to fall back to a control point closer to their "base," while the team that just captured the control point must now defend it from being captured as they simultaneously try to take the new enemy control point.

Heroes and vehicles can be great assets in capturing or defending control points.

Objective Edit

The match starts with each side owning two control points. Both teams must first fight for the central control point, which is neutral at the beginning of the game. The team that is able to capture the central control point first now has majority control of all control points (three out of five). At this point, the team has the option of continuing to push forward to capture the next enemy control point, eventually in order to own all five control points. If the team that is winning is not careful, though, the losing team can re-capture their control point and cause the winning team to fall back, creating a push-and-pull dynamic.

The initial match timer is ten minutes. Each time a control point is captured, an additional minute is added. The team that owns a majority of control points by the end of the match wins the game.

Maps Edit

Jakku Graveyard of Giants Loading Screen

The following maps are available in Supremacy:

* requires Bespin expansion pack

Units available Edit

Star Wars Battlefront - Endor

Vehicle Power Ups become available after the central control point is captured. Hero Pickups can spawn before the central control point is captured, but may not appear right away.

The following is a list of the different type of units that can be spawned-in as and the max number of them allowed at any given time:

Rebel Alliance Edit

Galactic Empire Edit

* Not available in Forest Moon of Endor

Trivia Edit

  • The large maps used in Supremacy are set at a different time of day than how they appear in Walker Assault. For example, Forest Moon of Endor is set in the early dawn in Supremacy instead of the middle of the day like in Walker Assault. Twilight on Hoth is also set during the day instead of during a snow storm at twilight.
  • This game mode is loosely based on the Conquest mode from the Pandemics' Star Wars: Battlefront games, as they feature two factions trying capture enemy control points.
  • Supremacy is one of the only 40-player game modes in the game, including expansion modes. The other two modes are Walker Assault and Turning Point.
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