Supremacy is a popular game mode in Star Wars Battlefront. Despite an AT-AT appearing in the image, AT-ATs are not actually featured in this game mode.


This 40-player game mode pits Rebels and Imperials against each other as they fight to control five control points on the map to gain points. The game mode utilizes the largest available maps, and includes both ground and air vehicles.

This game mode is based on the Conquest mode from the original Battlefront games, as they feature the two factions to capture the enemy control points. However, unlike Conquest in which players can take any command post they want, players are limited to two control points: one to defend, and the other to take. Also, there's no reinforcement meter at the top of the screen which shows how many soldiers are left in battle, so even if players die, there's no limit to how many troopers you have left.

Every time a control point is taken from one of the factions, the faction who lost the control point must fall back to a control point closer to their shuttle while the faction who got the post must move up.

Like Walker Assault, players can become heroes or villains and pilot vehicles for their own control. There are no AT-ATs present in this game mode, so players playing as the Rebels have no worries about them appearing to assist the Empire.

The two factions start with two control points, enemy or friendly, while one control point in the middle is neutral which is how the game mode always starts.

If the timer runs out during a game, the game mode will be judged by how many command posts there are for the two factions. The game however cannot finish if a command post is contested, or is in the process of being captured. If all of the command posts are taken from one of the factions, that faction will win the game.

Trivia Edit

  • In Supremacy, most of the large maps have a different time of day than usual. For example, on Forest Moon of Endor the map is set in the early dawn instead of the afternoon.
  • Supremacy is based on, if not a remake, of the original conquest mode.
  • It is currently one of the only three large game modes.


These are the maps that Supremacy is playable on:

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