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Survival is a singleplayer and cooperative Missions mode in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront that puts the player and up to one friend against increasingly difficult waves of Imperial forces.


Survival missions begin with the player either crash landing on the surface of a planet or is already in an area, and surrounded by Imperial forces. The player is in communication with the Rebel Alliance, and particularly with Admiral Ackbar. Players begin each mission by choosing their weapon, and has two load outs of three abilities. Players will then need to outlast 15 waves of progressively difficult Imperial enemies, including different types of Stormtroopers and vehicles. Each area also contains five collectibles for players to gather.

This mode rewards certain player accomplishments, such as headshots, enemies defeated, and killstreaks. The difficulty can also be increased to complete various player challenges.

There is an Achievement on all platforms that is named "Ackbar's Elite." The criteria for this Achievement is to complete a Survival mission on Master difficulty without using any lives.

There is also another Achievement entitled "On the Ball". The criteria for this Achievement is to complete a Survival mission on Master Difficulty within 35 minutes.

There are also three Diorama figures that can only be unlocked with the completion of the first four Survival missions. These include the AT-ST, Emperor Palpatine, and Luke Skywalker.

  • In order to unlock the AT-ST, the players must beat all Survival Missions on Master Difficulty.
  • For Palpatine, they must collect all stars from Survival mode combined with the Training and Battle stars.
  • Lastly for Luke, the players must find all of the collectibles within the missions, as well with the ones from Battles.



  • If the player completes any Survival mission on Hard difficulty, they will be able to use their first multiplayer Star Card hand in the mission.
  • Survival is similar to the multiplayer mode Drop Zone, as the player is tasked with capturing and securing Drop Pods to obtain three Power Ups inside, which aid the player in completing the mission. They must capture them and defend them from the Imperial forces. If the Imperials try to claim it, then they must reclaim it before time is up, or the drop pod will be destroyed.
  • On some maps, the AT-ST is replaced by multiple TIE fighters, while on others, there are no vehicles to oppose the player. An example would be a AT-ST present on Tatooine, with TIE Fighters on Sullust.