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"As an Orphan, you were raised by the Wookiee Survivalists on Kashyyyk, where you learned to revel in combat and quickly get back into the fight even after the most serious of injuries."
— In-Game Description

Survivalist is a Star Card in Star Wars Battlefront.


  • Level 1: Health regeneration starts a bit faster.
  • Level 2: Health regeneration starts faster.
  • Level 3: Health regeneration starts much faster, and regenerates when you get kills.


This Star Card is ideal for players that want to stay alive for as long as possible as even when at level 1, it decreases the Health regeneration delay slightly and once you reach level 3, you gain the ability to recover a small amount of health on a successful kill. Once this Star Card reaches its max level, you gain increased survivability in combat since you gain the ability to recover health by killing opponents and if the situation brings you close to death, retreating behind cover to regenerate your health is more beneficial since the greatly reduced Health regeneration delay allows you to recover faster and get back into combat quicker, allowing you to keep up pressure on your enemies.

The Survivalist Star Card does not emphasize any particular playstyle but it rewards players for falling back to recover from their injuries rather than fighting to the death by reducing the amount of time you spend recovering. This Star Card can be used for both sniping and close range combat alike, just remember to get behind cover to regenerate your health and stay alive, as this Star Card rewards you for doing so by giving you an edge in recovering from damage. It will not help though if an enemy turret is nearby.

It is wise to use this trait in small game modes as it will give players the ability to be prepared in small areas and small distances so they can gain the advantage. It will also be wise to not travel for enemies, as besides the ability to gain health faster, you are still vulnerable like a regular soldier. Using this trait in large distances or as a tank will fail, as it still takes time to regenerate health, and it won't offer any damage reduction. Also, beware of snipers, as they also will kill you with one shot.