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For the original variant, see T-21 Heavy Blaster.

The T-21B Targeting Rifle is a Targeting Rifle featured in the Star Wars universe. It is the modified version of the T-21 Heavy Blaster. It officially debuted as a usable weapon in Star Wars Battlefront. This is one of the few blasters that never made an appearance in the original trilogy.

Star Wars Battlefront[]

"The T-21B is a refined version of the T-21, combining the power of a heavy blaster with the precision and range of a blaster rifle."
— In-game description

The T-21B is designated as one of the three targeting rifles in Star Wars Battlefront.

The T-21B can be unlocked at rank 21 for 2,500 credits.

The T-21B functions as a sort of "designated marksman rifle", it's the closest thing to a sniper rifle one can get in-game without star cards or the DLT-19X. As such, it rewards precision rather then spraying and praying. It's currently one of the two blasters that has the maximum range. In a pinch it can work at close range, but make your shots count, the weapon's low rate of fire means you can seldom afford to miss. This weapon is recommended for use at medium and long range. Long range especially is where this weapon truly shines.

Due to how the weapon damage is done, the T-21B will always kill with three (two if a headshot is achieved or direct impact hits with Explosive Shot at long or close range) shots regardless of where it hits even at extreme ranges: this can be a mixed blessing at longer ranges, since it can kill much quicker than most weapons, or a curse due to requiring three shots, plus the low ROF/heat per shot can doom players that miss.

The weapon builds up heat rather quickly if the player doesn't exercise caution: use of cards such as Cooling Cell can be useful if the player finds himself at range against enemy players.




Star Wars Battlefront Blaster guide E11, EE 3, T21 b

The third part of this educational blaster video features the T-21B and how to use it effectively.


  • The T-21 in Star Wars Battlefront II can be modified to resemble the T-21B with the Improved Zoom and Improved Handling modifications.