For the scoped variant, see T-21B Targeting Rifle.The T-21 Heavy Blaster Rifle is a light repeating blaster featured in the Star Wars universe. It officially debuted as a usable weapon in Star Wars Battlefront.

Star Wars BattlefrontEdit

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"The T-21 is a robust heavy blaster that delivers massive damage at long ranges. Its only drawback is its slow rate of fire and lack of optics."
— In-game description

The T-21 is designated as a heavy blaster in Star Wars Battlefront. It is the primary weapon of Shadow Troopers, which means that it can be a dangerous weapon, that can be used for sniping and charging.


This blaster is unlocked at rank 10 and can be purchased with 2,500 in-game credits for both factions. In-game the T-21 is not fitted with any kind of optics, so basic zooming is used instead. The T-21 is a very high-damage weapon, killing most infantry in 2-3 shots while having good accuracy and a reasonably good range at the cost of having a very slow rate of fire, being one of the slowest-firing blasters in the game. As such, consistent and good accuracy is paramount for effective use of this weapon as the slow rate of fire leaves the user very vulnerable to close range attackers and every missed shot will have a noticeable impact on the time it takes to kill and opponent. The T-21 is best used at mid range, at close range it will be outmatched by most other faster-firing weapons while at longer ranges, the lack of optics combined with the moderate travel time of the projectiles and damage fall-off will greatly hinder the weapon's effectiveness. For longer-range engagements, take the T-21B instead as it is effectively identical to the T-21 but has a scope, extending the effective range of the weapon and permitting some degree of sniping. This however comes at the cost of cutting down even more on the T-21's already limited cooling power and rate of fire.


  • The T-21 Heavy Blaster is based on the Lewis gun.
  • The T-21 is one of the few blasters to have no scope attached.
  • Imperial Royal Guards use this and the T-21B as their primary weapon when spawned as Emperor Palpatine's bodyguards.
  • The T-21 is the most powerful heavy blaster out of the four.
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