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"Red Six standing by."
— A possible line when spawning in as an X-Wing

The X-Wing is a Rebel Alliance starfighter that can be piloted in Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront II.

Star Wars BattlefrontEdit

Overview Edit

The X-Wing is equipped with four blaster cannons, proton torpedo launchers, and a shield. The X-Wing is the Alliance counterpart to the Imperial TIE Fighter.

Players can pilot X-Wings in Fighter Squadron, Supremacy, Walker Assault, Battle Station, and Infiltration.

Weapons & Abilities Edit

  • Shield

The shield ability protects the X-Wing from incoming enemy fire. However, the shield ability only protects the X-Wing from blaster fire for a certain amount of hits. Torpedos and Rapid fire abilities can tear apart the shield and leave the player vulnerable.

  • Proton Torpedo

The Proton Torpedo can be used to give enemy starfighters a large portion of damage, as well with taking out their shield. The X-Wing however must lock onto the enemy starfighter before it can fire, or else it will go off course. It can also be avoided if the enemy uses a dodge move, but only when the timer is gone.

Tips Edit

  • When strafing enemy ground troops, go into first-person mode to get a better view of them.
  • When trying to defeat an enemy, whether aerial or grounded in nature, slow to minimum speed so all power is diverted to the blaster cannons (increasing their damage) and shoot as long as possible.
  • Use the X-Wing's proton torpedoes on enemy ground vehicles but not soldiers, as they are not as effective. The splash damage from the blaster cannons will take out infantry more reliably.
  • When conducting strafing runs, remain conscious that new enemy starfighters could be preparing to attack from behind.

Star Wars Battlefront II Edit

Weapons & Abilities Edit

The T-65B X-Wing has three abilites to use:

  • Astromech Repair: Instantly restores a small amount of lost health.
  • Weapon Overcharge: Increases primary weapon damage for a short time
  • Proton Torpedo: Fires a missile that tracks the locked target and deals high damage.



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