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The TIE/IN Interceptor or the TIE Interceptor is an Imperial starfighter that can be piloted in Star Wars Battlefront. It is one of the two default vehicles for the Empire, the other being the TIE Fighter.


"Faster and better-armed descendants of regular TIE fighters,"
— Battlefront official description

TIE Interceptors are variants of the TIE fighter, but with a noticeable increase in speed and firepower. They are often used to dispatch enemy ships in aerial combat. TIE interceptors are available in Fighter Squadron, Supremacy, Skirmish, and Walker Assault game modes.

The TIE Interceptors in Battlefront are collectively under the call sign "Omega Squadron."

TIE Interceptors have a very similar appearance to TIE Fighters, except that the Interceptor's wings are facing forwards instead of vertically, and the wings are curved. One of the other differences is that the Interceptors have quad lasers, and the Fighters have twin lasers.

They are seen as the counterparts of the A-Wing.

Unlike the TIE fighter, the Interceptor is more frequent to see in the sky.


TIE Interceptor has one primary weapon and two special abilities for use:

Quad Laser Blasters: The primary weapon for the TIE Interceptor. The weapon are located from the four corners of the TIE Interceptor's wings. The Quad Laser Blasters fire four shots that will damage enemies upon impact.

Speed Boost: The first special ability for the TIE Interceptor. Speed boost is handy for evading enemy fire and missiles locking on to you. It's also handy for a quick get-away if you're low on health.

Laser Barrage: The second ability for the TIE Interceptor. Allows you to fire without overheating for a short time and deals more damage per shot. This ability replaced the ability to fire ion torpedoes after the Death Star patch came out.


  • In the X-Wing series of novels by Micheal A. Stackpole, New Republic pilots refer to Interceptors as "squints."
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