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The TIE/fo, also referred to as the First Order TIE Fighter, is a class of starfighter in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II.

Overview Edit

The TIE/fo Fighter is the Fighter class for the First Order and the counterpart to the T-70 X-Wing. It is visually very similar to the Imperial TIE/ln Fighter from which it is based. It was first confirmed to appear in the game in the game's official reveal trailer, where the fighter appeared on the First Order superweapon Starkiller Base.

Health and Movement Edit

Abilities Edit

Star Cards Edit

Boost Cards Edit

Boost Card Fighter - Fighter Defensive Upgrade Boost Card Fighter - Fighter Weapon Systems Boost Card Fighter - Advanced Torpedoes Boost Card Fighter - Reinforced Hull Boost Card Fighter - Engine Upgrade
Fighter Defensive Upgrade Fighter Weapon Systems Advanced Torpedoes Reinforced Hull Engine Upgrade
Boost Card Fighter - Tactical Jammer Boost Card Fighter - Targeting Computer Boost Card Fighter - Tuned Lasers Boost Card Fighter - Repair Systems
Tactical Jammer Targeting Computer Tuned Lasers Repair Systems


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