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Vehicle tiedefender

The TIE Defender is a starfighter featured in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront that was added in the Death Star Update. Not actually playable, the TIE Defender is an AI starfighter that will serve as a wingman for the player if their associated Power Up is found and collected in flight modes such as Fighter Squadron.

When the player flies through the TIE Defender Power Up, two TIE Defenders will spawn at the player's position and automatically seek out enemy fighters near the player until the player is eliminated. TIE Defender Power Ups can be found in Fighter Squadron as well as the first phases of Battle Station and Infiltration. When the player is killed, the TIE Defender wingmen stop attacking enemy players and fly to edge of the map to the Imperial spawn point, at which point they explode and the Power Up respawns in its original location shortly after.

Every map has set locations where TIE Defender Power Ups spawn. Each map only has one to two Power Up spawns for TIE Defender wingmen.