The TIE Striker is an Imperial starfighter featured in the Rogue One: Scarif expansion pack of DICE's Star Wars Battlefront as a Power Up that can be summoned by Imperial soldiers, similar to the Viper Probe Droid.


When collected, a TIE Striker appears in the sky, making strafing runs on nearby Rebel soldiers, similar to the AI TIE Fighters in the offline gamemode Skirmish. It is collected through a random Power Up, not by a specifically designed coin, such as a vehicle or hero pick-up.

The TIE Striker is only available on Scarif maps.


  • There is no confirmed way to destroy a TIE Striker, but targeting it with anti-vehicle weapons, such as a Smart Rocket or with Ion Shot, should theoretically destroy it.
  • Some mods allow players to switch the TIE Fighter model with that of the TIE Striker, effectively allowing one to play as the TIE Striker.


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