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SWBFII Separatist Announcer Tactical Droid

In-game icon of TK-77

TK-77 is the name of the droid announcer for the Separatists in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. It is a T-series tactical droid who served the Separatists during the Clone Wars.

German voice actor; Hildegard Meier


TK-77 has overseen Separatist attacks against the Galactic Republic on worlds such as Kamino, Ryloth, Kashyyyk, Naboo, and Geonosis.


"The Republic has once again arrived to disrupt our operations. The resulting situation may require a diplomatic solution, but, more likely, the utter obliteration of their vessel. Capture the command posts quickly and without needless failure."
— In Capital Supremacy
"Please remember this was your own fault."
— Upon successful boarding of Clone Troopers on their gunships in Capital Supremacy
"There is a concern that the Republic may have discovered weaknesses in our ship's design."
— In Capital Supremacy upon Republic gunships landing in Providence-class Dreadnought


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