The TL-50 Heavy Repeater is a Heavy Blaster featured in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront II.

Star Wars BattlefrontEdit

The TL-50 was added in the Death Star expansion pack. It is the first heavy blaster released in an expansion pack, and the only one added in the entire game. This weapon, along with the K-16 Bryar Pistol, never appeared in the original trilogy. Instead, they appeared in the Star Wars: Jedi Knight video games.

Overview Edit

This heavy blaster features triple barrels and a secondary fire option that, when charged, will release a concussion blast that can perform one-hit kills within a small radius, while severely damaging other players around the area of impact. This ability makes it the first (and only) heavy blaster to do so.

In order to unlock this heavy blaster, players must get 20 kills as an Imperial soldier, get 75 heavy blaster kills, and win one game of Battle Station.

This heavy blaster has the fastest rate of fire, with a maximum of 700 RPM. It has low damage from it's primary blaster function, but the triple barrels and the high rate of fire make up for it, making it able to kill an enemy exceptionally quickly. The secondary fire concussion blast travels in an arc over long distances, unlike the K-16's secondary fire, which travels in a straight line regardless of distance.

Star Wars Battlefront II Edit

Overview Edit

The TL-50 is the primary weapon of Iden Versio, but it can be swapped out for different weapons during the campaign. The weapon is also the last blaster unlocked for use by the Heavy class. The blaster has high damage output, but high spread as well, making it ineffective at longer ranges. Its secondary fire mode can be used via an unlockable modification.

Tips Edit

This weapon is best in small, enclosed maps. While the concussion blast is a good way to clear tightly packed groups of enemies, the TL-50's primary blaster function is its main method of madness, as it's a highly effective way of taking out enemies at close range. The concussion blast should be fired into the walls of hallways that are packed with enemies. Never try to hit an enemy directly with the secondary fire, because if you miss the blast could go to far behind him to miss your intended target(s). Aim for wall and floors very close to enemies to avoid this. Be sure you're not near the intended target when you use the secondary fire, as you can be damaged by the blast if you're too close. A good charge card for the TL-50 heavy blaster would be to combine the high ROF with the cooling cell to allow a rapid, unending (until the card runs out, of course) barrage of blaster bolts, useful in instances where one faces a multitude of opponents. Be aware, however, that the blaster's secondary fire will not be available while the charge card is active. Another good combination this time utilizing a asset card would be the heavy blaster paired with the jump pack. This combination allows players to jump pack while charging up the repeater's secondary fire, and fire down onto an opponent from above.

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