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=== First Order ===
=== First Order ===
* [[First Order AT-ST]]
* [[First Order AT-ST]]
* [[TIE/FO Fighter|TIE/FO]]
* [[TIE/fo Fighter|TIE/FO]]
* [[TIE/SF Fighter|TIE/SF]]
* [[TIE/SF Fighter|TIE/SF]]

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Maz's Castle is a large multiplayer land map set on the planet Takodana in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. It is playable in Arcade, Blast, Galactic Assault, and Strike.





Galactic Assault

"The First Order have information pointing to Resistance spies and sympathizers at Maz's Castle. They launch an attack to capture them, but Resistance forces have arrived in time to oppose them...."
— In-game description
Takodana Strike

On Takodana, the First Order moves against Maz Kanata's castle. Resistance forces have taken up a defensive position inside.[1] On this map, the First Order are the attackers and the Resistance are the defenders.

The First Order's arrival on Takodana begins with the task of capturing Memorial Hill during the first phase. Phase two will feature the First Order moving in to sabotage both the East and West Turbolasers currently engaging their air forces. The final assault during the third phase is centred around capturing Maz's Castle once and for all.

Hero Showdown

Heroes vs. Villains


"The First Order have learned that Maz's Castle might be the location of a sought after Jedi artifact. But the Resistance aren't going to let them take it without a fight...."
— In-game description

The First Order must steal the Jedi Artifact and deliver it to their extraction point. The Resistance must defend the artifact until the First Order reinforcement count runs out.


The following vehicles are available on Maz's Castle for Galactic Assault using Battle Points, unless otherwise stated:

First Order



  • All of the hallways, rooms and staircases inside Maz’s Castle are completely accurate, as EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II team got to visit The Force Awakens' set to get the maps perfect.
  • Maz’s Castle was a playable map in the Beta.
  • This map is also featured in the single-player campaign.


2.0 Patch

  • In Galactic Assault, re-worked the spawns in Phase 2, moving them closer to the objectives.
  • In Galactic Assault, the price of the AT-ST has been increased from 1500 to 2500.


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