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Tantive IV

Tantive IV is a diplomatic Corellian Corvette used by Alderaanian Princess Leia Organa. The ship would eventually be captured and destroyed by Imperial forces in an attempt to find the Death Star plans.


Tantive IV

The map features many key section of the ship, including the bridge, escape pod bay, and the reactor room, all connected by a network of corridors. Some of these are iconic areas in Episode 4, such as the room where Leia gives R2-D2 the plans, the corridor where the Imperials boarded, the escape pod bay where the droids escaped, and a little inlet that represented the interior of a TIE boarding shuttle.


Combat Modes[]


In the small hallways of the map, there are many different weapons you can use to win the battle by taking advantage of the multiple chokepoints.

  • Grenades: since this is a close-quarters map, grenades are a must on this map. The best place to use these is in small, tight-spaced corridors. Make sure that none of your allies are near the enemy when grenade is thrown, or else they will get killed.
  • Auto Turrets: They can slow down the enemy on the narrow corridor, but not always stop them.
  • Chainguns: These fast repeating blaster can mow down clumps of enemy.
  • Mines: These explosives are great for placing near the blast-door connected to the enemy base.
  • Detpacks: These remote explosive are perfect for ambushes in a chokepoint.

The engineers are very important in the battle. Their shotgun can cause damage to the enemy as the fusion cutter can repair the ammo and health droids which have been destroyed by grenades.


  • This map and Death Star are the only two maps in Battlefront 2 that are considered a ground map, but not a planet.