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Dune Sea Exchange is a map featured in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront that is set on Tatooine. This map appears in most 12-player modes as well as in Missions.


Dune Sea Exchange is set in a remote area of the desert on the planet Tatooine. The map is characterized by its sandy dunes that stretch for miles and the GR-75 Transport Shuttle parked at the center of the map. Various cargo containers and Rebel equipment surround the transport. A small sail barge and a Sarlacc Pit also appear on the map. In some modes, a second GR-75 Transport Shuttle is present at the start of the match, eventually taking off and flying out into the horizon as the match progresses.


Dune Sea Exchange can be played in the following modes:


Across all modes in which this map is playable, teams often try to camp the top of the GR-75 transport at the center of the map as it has a good view of many spawn points. Underneath the GR-75 transport there is a lot of close-quarters combat, especially around the cargo containers covered by a large tarp directly next to the transport.

Heroes vs. Villains[]

The Rebel team spawns in front of the GR-75 that will take off, while the Imperials spawn at the front of the sail barge. Imperial teams tend to camp on top of the GR-75 transport at the center of the map.


  • A Jawa Sandcrawler can be seen in the background, as well as herds of Banthas.
  • In the distance, you can see the escape pod that R2-D2 and C-3PO used to leave the Tantive IV can be seen.
  • Jabba's Palace can also be seen in the distance, a location that can be visited in the Outer Rim expansion pack.