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Tatooine: Palace Garage is a map featured in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront. It was added in the Outer Rim Expansion Pack. It can be played in Heroes vs. Villains, Extraction, Cargo, Blast, and Droid Run.


Palace Garage takes place in Jabba's Palace on Tatooine. It is mostly indoors, but it does lead to the exterior of the palace which is mainly used in Extraction.

The interior section of the map features Jabba's sail barge, which can be traversed on the top.


In Extraction, the shipment must be moved from inside the palace to the outside. The Rebels spawn inside a room right next to the shipment, while the Imperials spawn farther away from the shipment. There are three checkpoints the shipment must reach. Two of them are inside the palace while the last one is outside the palace. The first Hero Token for the Rebels spawns near their spawn point. Once the shipment reaches the first checkpoint, a second hero Token for the Rebels spawns and the Imperials' first Hero Token spawns. The second checkpoint is located at the garage door and once the shipment is close enough, the garage door will begin to open, allowing the shipment to continue moving to the next checkpoint. On the third checkpoint, the Imperials' last Hero Token spawns. Once the shipment gets close to the last checkpoint, a GR-75 Transport will land and wait for the shipment. If the shipment makes it, the transport takes off and leaves.


As this map is very close quarters, it is recommended to use weapons that are specialized for close quarters combat. The Thermal Detonator and Dioxis Grenade can be very helpful as well. The Dioxis can be thrown at the shipment, damaging any enemy that tries to activate/deactivate the shipment. Using Scan Pulse is also very effective as it will allow you to see anyone through walls and ambush them. The Scatter Gun is also very effective on this map. The Scatter Gun can kill any enemy using a Personal Shield to activate/deactivate the shipment.

It is recommended to use Princess Leia or Chewbacca on the Rebel side when choosing a hero since Leia is able to put down an enhanced Squad Shield to help her teammates and give them Power Ups. Chewbacca, if on higher ground, can be extremely effective at stopping anyone trying to deactivate the shipment.

On the Imperial side, Bossk and Director Krennic are very effective. Placing down Krennic's droid next to the shipment will make it extremely hard for anyone to activate the shipment. Bossk's Toxic Escape can do the same, but it will not last as long as Krennic's droid.