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Raider Camp is a map featured in Star Wars Battlefront. It was added to the game as a multiplayer map in an update during January 2016. It is available in Blast, Hero Hunt, Drop Zone, Heroes vs. Villains, and Survival.


Raider Camp is a map located on the desert planet of Tatooine. The map is fairly large for a smaller mode map, most likely because it was designed to fit AT-ST's in Survival. As the name suggests, this map is home to a clan of Tusken Raiders. These Raiders do show up as part of an Easter Egg. The map itself is very rocky.


Heroes vs. Villains[]

In Heroes vs. Villains the Rebellion Heroes can use a small cliff, which is where a majority of fights are likely to begin. The Imperial Heroes start at a small cave entrance, the opposite side of the camp.

Drop Zone[]

In Drop Zone, the escape pods drop usually in the areas they do in Survival, except the number won't be limited to only 5 times per game. Drop Zone on this map is very frantic, a suggested load-out is Scatter Gun or Jump Pack, Bacta Bomb, Personal Shield, or Adrenaline Stim, and either blaster rifles or anything else that would be decent at medium-long ranges. The Trait Card is up to you.

Hero Hunt[]

If playing as the Rebel Alliance on this map, a suggested hero is Nien Nunb. The strategy is to go to the main "camp" where Tuskens positioned their huts, this "camp" is close to the large edges of rocks on one of the map boundaries. Then go up the small "ramp" that is very near to the boundary. Position your enhanced Infantry Turret on the "ramp" and place all four of your Proximity Bombs around the base of the incline. This strategy is very powerful if the player is observant, one thing to note is that Nien can easily die if a player calls in an Orbital Strike and is unable to exit the area in time.


Raider Camp was the first Survival map of the game to be shown extensively before release. It was shown at E3 2015 and was allowed to be played by journalists. Then it went on to be featured in the Beta stage of Battlefront. However it was only playable on five waves, but there were collectibles.


  • Raider Camp is the only map in the game to be playable in Missions and Multiplayer due to a patch.