Weapon Statistics
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Weapon Image {{{image}}}
In-game Description {{{desc}}}
Damage {{{damage}}}


Rate of Fire {{{rof}}} RPM


Damage per Second {{{dps}}} DPS


Range {{{range}}}


Projectile Speed {{{speed}}} meters/sec


Venting {{{venting}}} seconds


Heat Per Second {{{heat}}} heat increase per second


Overheat {{{overheat}}} shots ({{{heatpershot}}} heat per shot)


Overheat Penalty {{{overheatpenalty}}} seconds


Passive Cooldown Delay {{{cooldowndelay}}} seconds


Passive Cooldown {{{cooldown}}} heat per second


Charge Up Time {{{chargeup}}} seconds


Secondary Fire Cooldown {{{secondarycooldown}}} seconds



{{Weapon Statistics
|name = 
|namealt = 
|image = 
|desc = 
|damage = 
|rof = 
|dps = 
|range = Start damage drop-off: meters<br />End damage drop-off: meters
|speed = 
|venting = 
|heat = 
|overheat = 
|heatpershot = 
|overheatpenalty = 
|cooldowndelay = 
|cooldown = 
  • namealt — this field is only to be used when the Weapon Statistics template is used in tabbers. Mainly so that mobile users are able to see the name since the weapon name on the tabs don't display.
  • range — this field has damage drop-off text pre-inserted for ease-of-use with ranged weapons. For melee weapons, such as a lightsaber, use Template:Lightsaber Data.
  • mod — although not included in the template syntax, nearly all main parameters (e.g. rof, overheat, etc.) have a "mod" parameter to detail any effects Weapon Modifications have. To use the "mod" parameter, simply add "mod" to the end of a main parameter (e.g. rofmod, overheatmod) and express any changes to that statistic with Template:Modifier.


Lando's X-8 Night Sniper
Weapon Image Weapon Test
Damage 40-25
Rate of Fire 400 RPM
Damage per Second 266.66 DPS
Range Start damage drop-off: 20 meters
End damage drop-off: 50 meters
Projectile Speed 700 meters/sec
Venting 1 seconds
Overheat 15 shots (0.07 heat per shot)
Overheat Penalty 0.7 seconds
Passive Cooldown Delay 0.6 seconds
Passive Cooldown 0.08 heat per second


{{Weapon Statistics
|name = Lando's X-8 Night Sniper
|image = [[File:Weapon_Test.png|250px]]
|damage = 40-25
|range = Start damage drop-off: 20 meters<br />End damage drop-off: 50 meters
|rof = 400
|speed = 700
|dps = 266.66
|cooldown = 0.08
|cooldowndelay = 0.6
|venting = 1
|overheat = 15
|heatpershot = 0.07
|overheatpenalty = 0.7
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