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The queen naboo

(Not to be confused with Queen Apailana)

The Queen is a hero unit in Sereja's City of Theed mod map. She looks exactly like Queen Amidala from The Phantom Menace in her first two scenes.


She sports the Queen's red dress and makeup, as seen also on Queen Apailana. The things different are the hairstyle and bulbs on her dress. She is equipped with the ELG-3A blaster, recon droids, grenades, and health dispensers.


  • The queen is listed as "naboo_inf_nabooqueen" in her odf.
  • While technically a "hero" unit, she has the same hp as a regular unit and will act as one.
  • In the film, Amidala can be seen wearing this dress looking out a window. The designers didn't have the technology for the bulbs to be on their without being hooked up. In that scene, you can see the chord that lights up.
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