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Thermal Detonator
Thermal Det Full
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V-1 Thermal Detonators
BCCK Thermal Detonators
Class A Thermal Detonator


Galactic Republic
Separatist Alliance
Galactic Empire
Rebel Alliance

Weapon Details


The Thermal Detonator is one of the most common secondary attacks in the game. It is just like a grenade from other games - a charge of an explosive that detonates a couple of seconds after it is thrown. Due to gravity, when throwing a detonator, you will be more likely to have to aim the reticule above your target. Although not the most damaging explosive on the game, they are very popular and do enough damage for their purpose. For a normal Stormtrooper and Rebel Soldier, the thermal detonator explodes a few seconds after contact with the ground. In Star Wars Battlefront, thermal detonators do not stick, but in Star Wars Battlefront II, they can adhere to vehicles and turrets.


Republic and CIS The Merr-Sonn V-1 thermal detonator was created to inflict maximum trauma on an enemy. It is best used when facing a large group of enemies. The Clone Wars saw this grenade widely used on many battlefronts across the galaxy. The Clone Trooper, Clone Sharpshooter, Clone Jet Trooper, Clone Clone Heavy Trooper, Assault Droid and Assassin Droid classes are all known to have used it. The V-1 grenade still made its way into the ranks of Separatist Battle Droids, even though the Merr-Sonn company refused to sell it to Separatist forces. Merr-Sonn continued to sell grenades to both sides, prolonging the war and making as much profit as possible.


Empire BCCK Grenades are also known as Baridium core code key thermal detonators were special thermal detonators in use by the Galactic Republic's clone army and later used by the Galactic Empire's special ops troopers, such as Stormtroopers and the Dark Troopers. The model had adjustable time settings, ranging from six to eighteen seconds and a small range of five meters. They had activated only with the right code tapped into it, therefore Rebels couldn't use captured explosives against them. Also, the buttons were unlabeled, which ensured that even if a Rebel discovered the code, they couldn't figure out which buttons to press in order to activate the detonator.



  • All main units except for engineers
  • Most non Jedi or Sith Heroes
  • Most Neutral units


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