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The Thermal Imploder is a Power Up in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront and an ability for the Wookiee Warriors in Star Wars Battlefront II.


Star Wars Battlefront[]

The Thermal Imploder is a timed grenade that compresses and heats the surrounding atmosphere, creating a vacuum that produces a violent implosion within a massive radius about three seconds after it is thrown.

The Thermal Imploder is the only grenade in the game that is a Power Up.

Greedo has access to a Thermal Detonator through his unique trait.

Star Wars Battlefront II[]

The Thermal Imploder makes a return to Star Wars Battlefront II as an ability for the Wookiee Warrior. In the game, it is much weaker than in the previous game, although it can still one-hit kill enemies if they are close enough.


Star Wars Battlefront[]

A Thermal Imploder can be used in many situations, but it is best used to clear out small rooms and doorways. One can take out large amounts of enemies with this weapon alone. It can also be used to clear out the area directly surrounding an objective. The Thermal Imploder can deal huge damage to Heroes and Imperial AT-ST, making it an effective weapon against them. The best way to survive a Thermal Imploder is the combat roll away from the grenade and strafe away from it.

Star Wars Battlefront II[]

The Thermal Imploder can still be used to clear out rooms and doorways, clear out large amounts of enemies, defend/capture an objective, and deal huge damage to heroes and vehicles.

Since the Thermal Imploder in this game is much weaker than the last one, it is advised to use it on a group of enemies that have already lost large amounts of health.


  • Greedo's Thermal Imploder is like a regular Thermal Imploder, with the exception of a different sound effect and the explosion having a more reddish glow to it.
  • The Thermal Imploder has many characteristics of other grenades.