• Hello Lamosq!

    I wanted to ask for your permission to add something to the abilities section on Hero pages. I've done a mockup here: User:Eddiebox28/Sandbox#Abilities. I felt that the Effect box wasn't being used to its fullest extent and should also provide a slightly more accurate and detailed description of the ability than the 'in-game' one. The descriptions for Darth Maul's abilities were originally in the Abilities section but I moved them to the Overview when they got too big. Now I've moved them back and shortened them so they are not as lengthy as before.

    My main aim was to bring the Abilities section more in line with similar wikis such as the Overwatch gamepedia one. Hope you're doing well, cheers!

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    • Hey Eddie,

      I am doing well, thank you for asking! I hope you are as well. I've looked at the Tracer page on Gamepedia as a reference and I like what they do. I like that you are trying to bring that over here and would welcome the addition. It would have to go into another parameter, though. The 'Effects' parameter is supposed to list Status effects and how long they last. We could put the info under a "Details" "section" under the respective ability tab similar to the way Gamepedia does it.

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    • Definitely agree. We might need to check with Snakes first.

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    • United has contributed significantly to these Stats sections, it would be courteous to run the idea by him indeed

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    • A FANDOM user
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