• Hey TheGoodGeneral 1,

    I have noticed your recent edits and I would like to say thank you! Your contributions have been very helpful, especially the ones that added the long-sought Appearances in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II.

    I would also like to provide you a piece of editing advice that might make your editing experience better, as it seems you've had some frustration. Do you use the source editor for your edits? If not, I highly recommend it! The source editor allows you a lot more control when editing a wiki page than the visual editor and might have helped address the problem you spoke about in your recent blog post. When I looked at the source code for the Human Rebel 01 (Assault) page, it seems you tried adding multiple galleries but they stayed empty. This might have been related to your problem with the gallery not working. I just fixed it for you. If you are, in fact, familiar with the source editor, then a here's a reminder that properly coded gallery with the captions centered (which is preferred) would like so:

    <gallery captionalign="center">
    imagename2.png|Caption 2

    Now, I am interested in helping you resolve the strange issue you encountered, so if you want to go more into detail on what specifically wasn't working for you (visual or source editor), I would be happy to help or get you in touch with someone else who can look more into the issue if it's something more systematic. Anyway, that's a long way of saying thank you and that me or any of the other admins are here to help.

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    • Thanks. I like the Visual Editor, because I find it easier to use. Basically what happened is when I searched for images, the ones I added didn't show up. Eventually, 2 of them did, but when I pressed "apply changes", it was stuck loading forever. After that, I gave up on the galley and just added the images directly. Thanks again.

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    • Of course. I strongly encourage use of the source editor, but to each their own. If you need anymore help, us admins are always just a message away. Happy editing!

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    • A FANDOM user
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