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Tips: Ammo Conservation[]

This is a list of tips for people who find it hard to conserve their ammunition.


  • Accuracy is key. Try burst-firing with a Blaster Rifle to maintain accuracy instead of continually firing and spraying projectiles everywhere.
  • With weapons like the Rocket Launcher, it's better to let your teammates mop up enemies.
  • If no Ammo Droids can be found, try looking for a friendly Engineer.. They will most likely have some HAADs to spare.
  • Try familiarizing yourself with the Blaster Pistol and only use your main weapon when necessary.
  • Sometimes it's better to wait for a major confrontation to end a pick up any HAADs that might have been dropped.
  • Aim for the head whenever you can to reduce the amount of shots needed to kill an enemy.
  • If you are awarded with an Award Weapon, it's usually better to use the ammo in your normal gun first before you switch to your Award Weapon.
  • Try to use all of your weapons equally; in a tight situation it's easy to forget how many weapons are in your arsenal.
  • Use weapons the way they were intended; Shotguns are useless at long range and Mines deployed in wide-open spaces can be easily avoided.
  • If you are completely out of ammo and there are no nearby Ammo Droids or HAADs, you should try to use your secondary and take as many enemies with you as possible, as when you respawn, you come with the maximum amount of ammo.
  • Reload whenever possible. If you reload a clip that still contains power cells, the power cells will carry over, so you don't lose them. Due to the layout of the HUD, it's hard to keep track of how many bullets you have left in a clip.