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Tips: How to play as a Jedi Hero[]

This set of hints is aimed at those who have problems playing as a Jedi Hero.


  • It's important to remember that a Jedi's health slowly decreases over time.
  • The only way to keep this health up is to kill enemies, which replenishes some health.
  • As such, it's wasteful to lie in wait and ambush enemies.
  • Charging into a group of enemies and rampaging until you die is only an efficient option in Conquest mode to gain some points.
  • A Jedi's ranged attacks have very limited range but high power, while enemy troopers have higher range but lower power.
  • A Jedi can block lasers, blaster bolts, and even rockets in the direction they're facing at the expense of energy.
  • If you Force Push an enemy over a ledge so they die, the kill isn't credited to you or your team.
  • A Jedi has varying Force Powers:
  • Force Push. Use to push groups of enemies off ledges or just push them over while you deal with another group.
  • Force Pull. Use to bring groups of enemies closer or drag them out of cover.
  • Force Lightning. Use to damage mass groups of enemies.
  • Force Choke. Use to incapacitate a tougher foe, such as another Hero.
  • Saber Throw. Use to massively damage enemies in a straight line.
  • Enemies using Jetpacks or Jumpacks can be Pushed or Pulled out of the air.
  • In 1 and 2-Flag Capture the Flag the Jedi can be used as a quick and powerful flag-capturing unit. However, with the flag, a Jedi can only jump once, but can still sprint, a valuable asset in that mode of gameplay.
  • Remember to avoid all kinds of explosives and do not take risks of running over a mine, which can instantly kill a hero unit.